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Jade Marvel

Jade Marvel Group Berhad (JMGB) is a public-listed company registered with the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad under the industrial products and services sector, the stock name JADEM. JMGB and are primarily involved in the sector of Investment Holding, Property Development and Investment, Construction, Manufacturing, Financing Services, Technology Services and Healthcare Services.

JMGB has thrived through emerging economies. The company currently focuses on business incubation, exploiting new economic opportunities through emerging development economies. In addition to the business incubation sector, JMGB has also actively expanded and ventured into five other key sectors: real estate, financial services, healthcare services, frozen seafood suppliers and the IT services sector (blockchain and payment gateway technology).


Melaka International Cruise Terminal (MICT) is a new international cruise port which is located at Melaka Gateway, Malaysia. The establishment of MICT has attracted foreign investors such as Royal Caribbean International to work together, and its emergence is anticipated to increase the state's revenue. MICT is expected to be completed by 2022.

Surrounding areas of MICT has been strategically planned for cultural diversity, lifestyle & activities. The port is located in the central business district (CBD) area and is within walking distance of Melaka’s UNESCO World Historical and Heritage sites.


Melaka Gateway

Melaka Gateway is a premier mixed development project initiated by KAJ Development Sdn. Bhd. (KAJD). Which comprise of three reclaimed and one natural island totaling 1,366 acres, set in a strategic and idyllic area of Straits of Malacca, Malaysia. Ideally located between the main hub of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, as well as within the vibrancy of the Melaka city’s commercial centre, this project will catapult this heritage city as a world-class integrated investment, tourism and commercial development icon.



e-TAX is the first income tax relief bookkeeping system in Malaysia, to keep all tax clearance receipts secure in-application for future audit purposes. In addition, it also provides receipts verification services, which exclusively from experienced Chartered Accountants.



e-JEJAK is an application developed with a QR code scanning solution to help business owners and Malaysian citizens to comply with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) recommended by Medical Officer of Health (MOH) and Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. With the e-JEJAK application, Malaysians can easily check in by scanning the QR code, and indirectly leave their travel history records online behind. Business owners can also view the information and body temperature once visitors scan the QR code at their premises.


WebTVAsia is one of the fastest growing new media company in Asia with more than 3,000 top Asian creators, 1 million of video contents, 600 million user subscriptions and over 6.3 billion of monthly traffic. WebTVAsia advocates the creation of a complete ecosystem serving three main customer segments (audience, brands and creators) to effectively stimulate the digital economy in Southeast Asia.

WebTVAsia businesses across 10 regions includes of China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia (head office) and Indonesia, and addresses a market of 2.1 billion viewers. On the other hand, WebTVAsia has also partnered with local social media platforms to promote the perfect solution to international brands.

Delta Aerospace

Delta Aerospace is a highly regarded general aviation company by the Malaysian Government and has been awarded grants and tax incentives. Delta Aerospace offers a range of services including professional aircraft consultancy services, brokerage services, flight training courses, aircraft evaluation services, aircraft maintenance, aircraft sales, maintenance and operations services.

Delta Aerospace has a long-term relationship with Russian Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Aero Volga, the company that designed and built the Aero Volga LA8 and Aero Borey aircraft. The close cooperation between the two parties gives Delta Aerospace the exclusive rights to promote and sell the Aero Volga LA8 and Aero Borey aircraft in the ASEAN region.