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Genesis 2018 International Brand Leader Awards Ceremony was held on August 7 at Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The awards ceremony attracted more than 300 guests from Asia Pacific political celebrities, business elites, academic leaders, and international socialists, including Dr. Mohamed Hatta Mladi, Deputy Minister of Entrepreneur Development, and Dato' Sri Eddie Chong, the CEO of X Infinity were invited to attend the ceremony.


X Infinity is developing a crypto wallet that allows users and traders to use encrypted digital assets as currency for transactions.


X Infinity is an integrated crypto wallet that allows users to use any blockchain asset as a currency to conduct transactions in an easier way. Users only need to enter their cryptocurrency in the XIF wallet to immediately convert it into Fiat.

Owing to the remarkable features such as convenience, easy tracking of spending, lower risks, etc., people have been increasingly adopting the concept of digital trading.  To tap into this growing trend, X INFINITY has introduced its digital wallet that will revolutionize digital currency transactions for the better.


We often hear media reports about blockchain. However, everyone seems reluctant to understand What blockchain is? Some speculators even use blockchain technology to make money, brought this technology into a disgrace. What exactly is a blockchain? What else can be used for a blockchain? How to protect against unsafe operations or blockchain leaks?


The world-class music banquet (X Infinity World Music Showcase 2018) presented in honor of X Infinity ended successfully in a happy atmosphere!


Dato' Sri Eddie Chong is a successful cryptocurrency and blockchain wallet entrepreneur. He has been invited to give speeches in many countries, more than 30 - 40 times in a few months.

X-Pay (Lightning Payment) Singapore subsidiary won the “Asia’s Most Influential E-Commerce Award 2019” award in Malaysia. The awards have been presented to Dato’ Sri Eddie Chong, the global president of UBank, co-founder and president of X-Pay, and Zhang Hao Xuan, president of UBank China Community.

Let consumers use block chain assets in their daily lives

American programmer, Laszlo Hanyecz bought a slice of regular pizza with 10,000 Bitcoins. This event is largely recorded in the history of blockchain development. As such, Bitcoin has been promoted as a replacement currency as its trading activity succeeds in purchasing real objects or services in the real world.

CEOs and executives from more than 2,000 companies from around the world gathered in Beijing and were invited to attend the 5th Global CEO New Year Summit to discuss future financial and industrial development trends. At that meeting, X-Pay received a lot of attention from the traditional financial industry.

At the Singapore WBF2019 Technology Conference, Marco, director of UBank’s investment banking department, signed a acquisition agreement with Eddie, founder of Singapore Fintech Company X Infinity. This event represents the official completion of the acquisition of Worthysilver Australia group with X Infinity. Since the expansion of the public chain, X Infinity has invested more than US $ 24 million in a network of technology research and development expenses. The public chain has been successfully expanded and launched, and reported X infinity is estimated to be worth US $ 160 million.


Midas Ecosystem CEO Johnson and UBank Trade Vice President and X-Pay Commercial Director Rayden held talks and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will work extensively in the field of digital payment using blockchain platforms. This strategic collaboration will promote the identification and distribution of MDC tokens will enrich the offline consumption scenarios of MDC tokens.


Dato’ Sri Eddie Chong, global president of UBank, started working to support his family at the age of 8. He failed in business at the age of 22 and was living in debt. His way of life is full of difficulties. What are the strengths of his success in pursuing the goal of building a phenomenal blockchain X-Pay application?