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X Infinity focus on total financial business in Malaysia, business covered in various financial services includes but not limited to Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Business Advisory Services, Accounting and Tax Audit. X Infinity also involved the money broking and money lender business with regulated licenses from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia.



Marketing plays a vital role in promoting business in across all industries, X Infinity ventured into few marketing businesses including but not limited to Live Streaming, Social Media, Branding, E-Commerce and Omnichannel Advertising. X Infinity focused on innovation, and great marketing requires innovative technology, we examine a variety of innovative marketing technologies to enable group businesses to reach marketing targets and market the idea to audiences more accurately and effectively.



Economic and population growth drive property demand. X Infinity involved in the property development in Malaysia, developing various of residential and integrated properties with an aim is to provide modern and comfortable living environment. X Infinity is also involved in the development of high rise residential and commercial development project at Melaka Gateway. X Infinity continues to co-invest in development projects, by improving infrastructures, ensuring safety and providing an excellent lifestyle.



Management business comprises Project Management, Property Management, Fund Management and REITs Management. X Infinity is backed with over 20 years of expertise in all industries which helped us to continuously improve our Management Divisions. X Infinity is involved in private and public investment with over billions of funds, with its strong performance enabled X Infinity gain favourable returns.


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